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The Epilepsy Association (formerly The Epilepsy Association of Central Florida) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons affected by epilepsy and seizure disorders. Not only does The Epilepsy Association provide related medical and case management services for those with epilepsy but we also offer educational programs to understand epilepsy for your business, community group, school, etc.

In addition, The Epilepsy Association reaches millions more every month through an award-winning epilepsy education news and information site. EpilepsyU.com is used by over 4,000,000 people in over 150 countries.

The Epilepsy Association also has a one of a kind unique online store offering epilepsy awareness items. EpilepsyStore.com is also the official store for Purple Day®.


The following are services available through The Epilepsy Association:

Client Services

We provide case management and discounted or free epilepsy health care services to those in need in the central Florida area.

Epilepsy Education

We work to create awareness and break down the myths and stigmas surrounding epilepsy through education.

Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome

We are one of the nation’s leading educators of Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome, or “SBIS”.

Epilepsy By the Numbers

Every number is a real person and a real story


65 Million

People around the world
who have epilepsy


3.4 Million

People in the United States
who have epilepsy


1 in 10

People around the world
who have epilepsy


1 in 26

People will be diagnosed
with epilepsy in their

Epilepsy Education & Awareness:




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