Don’t be an Egghead – Join the EGGilepsy Challenge!

Eggilepsy Challenge instructions

Due to COVID-19, many people are out of work and have lost medical benefits. Those affected by epilepsy are in need of our help to see a doctor, get their medications and more. Together we can create awareness about epilepsy and raise funds to help those in need who have nowhere else to turn for their care and support.

Epilepsy can happen to anyone, at any age and at any time. Over a lifetime, 1 in 26 people is diagnosed.  It is kept quiet, although it affects so many.  Together we can spread awareness of epilepsy by participating in this fun and interactive challenge.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with the egg drop challenge. But we’re calling it the #EGGilepsy challenge.

Join us for a creative family-friendly challenge that will create awareness of epilepsy, help raise funds for families in need and gather a few laughs.  Don’t forget to tag a few friends to join the EGGilepsy Challenge.

When you participate in the #EGGilepsyChallenge, here are a few hashtags to use:

Thanks a Yoke!

Did You Know?

  • 65 million people around the globe have epilepsy
  • You have nearly a 1 in 10 chance of having a seizure during your lifetime.
  • Over a lifetime 1 in 26 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy (recurring seizures).
  • The leading cause of epilepsy is some form of brain injury
  • Epilepsy can happen to anyone, at any age and at any time.
  • The risk of death of a person with epilepsy can be up to three times higher than the general population.
  • In over half of epilepsy cases the cause is unknown.  When the cause is determined, the four most common are head trauma, stroke, brain tumor, and brain infection. 
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