When you attend any Epilepsy Association event, there is one guy who is gregarious and charismatic, who stands out.  You know the one the one who has been known to wear a purple tutu at Purple Day and drive a purple Jeep.   And yet, when holding a conversation with him, you come to understand that there is much more below this easy going fellow who is quick to find humor and share a laugh. Which is fortunate for us all because laughter is the medicine!

Michael Sheehan meets no strangers.  Most know him as Mike.  He can relate to almost everyone he meets and makes them feel comfortable as he shares insights and information.   As the Epilepsy Association Prevention & Education Coordinator, Michael’s passion and charisma shines as a beacon of hope.

Mike’s life looked vastly different in 2016.  His journey inspires. #belikemike #epilepsywillnotrule #epilepsyassociationofcentralflorida #aurastories

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Source: Epilepsy Association, Diana Webster